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Soba shop

Shintoku is a production district of "Shintoku soba".It is estimated with the quality of the domestic top."shintoku soba" is grow up because blessed with the climate.

Soba restaurant cough complaint

Soba restaurant sekiguthi

  • Recommended / tempura soba set meal
  • Address / 1-11, Hondorikita, Shintoku-cho


Hall of Shintoku soba

Shintoku soba no yakata

  • Recommended / tempura seiro
  • Address / 102, Kisen, Shintoku-cho


With all the soba restaurants

Soba restaurants minatoya

  • Close recommended / goshiki soba (in the summer), tentoji soba (in winter)
  • Address / 1-2, 2-jokita, Shintoku-cho



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