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Sightseeing information

Facility name Contents
Shintoku-cho Event guidance, administrative information, shinkishuno, studying in mountain village information
Sightseeing in Hokkaido promotion mechanism Sightseeing information of Hokkaido
Federation of sightseeing in Tokachi Sightseeing information of Tokachi
Yeast adventure (Shintoku-cho, Shikaoi-cho, Kamishihoro-cho) activity sightseeing information of Univ. of Tokyo snow
Shintoku farm village holiday meeting for the study Farm holiday information
Win with foods valley; promotion meeting Industrial development focusing on "agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry" and "meal"

Road, traffic, weather information

Facility name Contents
Northern road navigator Guidance to Shintoku-cho (Shimizu-cho of neighborhood), moving time, the road mountain pass situation
The Hokkaido development station Information of Karikachi Pass, Nissyo mountain pass, Tokachi jurisdiction traffic information
Hokkaido Railway Timetable, fare, reserved seat reservation
Central bus Bus between cities, periodical sightseeing bus
tokachi Obihiro Airport Timetable, access information
New Chitose Airport Timetable, access information
Yahoo! Weather Weather forecast of the Tokachi district

In addition, (special product establishment, tourist facility)

<< special product >>

Facility name Contents
Shintoku product Side production, sale
The kyoshoku ten wins pickles main office Pickle production, sale
Ueda butcher's shop Yezo deer meat sale
Association of social welfare corporation public welfare wakafuji dormitory Woodwork work, bread studio
Judicial agricultural union working together school building Shintoku farm Cheese
sahoro brewing Production, sale of shochu
It is soil Carrot
Hiraga farm Chemical-free vegetables
Stone bridge farm  Shiitake 

<< tourist facility >>

Facility name Contents
Western village Sahoro Horseback riding
tokachi adventure club Canoe rafting 
Tokachi autodoameitsu Canoe rafting 
Kaneta berry garden The making of hand knob, jam of fruit
hira farm Millet crop experiences to dig potato, and to ask
Meeting which enjoys old Karikachi line The history, search of old Karikachi line
Karikachi Heights Eco truck railroad Eco-truck ride experiences
Sahoro resort bear mountain Observation facility of bear near nature
Morita ranch  Nature guide
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