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sahoro brewing

Real shochu factory in pursuit of taste that searched high quality and taste of person from Hokkaido.
"The Tokachi undefeated record" that used underflow water of Daisetsuzan origin for on training Wednesday at the start pure Shintoku product soba shochu "side hood" wheat shochu "pampaka" using products of Hokkaido wheat.
We can purchase hometown love including "Tokachi distillery 2009" which let main material mature with soba and Hokkaido rice selected carefully for long term more than five years and discerning shochu. Tour of the plant is possible, too.


Address / Shintoku-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido character Shinnai melody 639-2
Email /info@sahoro-sake.jp Website  Facebook

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The sahoro brewing Tokachi undefeated record
sahoro brewing pampaka
sahoro brewing Tokachi distillery 2009
sahoro brewing soba shochu
sahoro brewing
sahoro brewing
sahoro brewing
sahoro brewing


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