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Cherry tree of Mt. Shintoku Shrine

ezoyamazakura blooms in profusion all over the mountain in season.
Pitiful disaster that seven people in child and wife were burnt to death together with the horse during absence of Ito biography Goro in 1916 occurred and planted because biography Goro condoled with *tei of child and wife. "*gansakuraifujidengo*korehi" was erected in the Shintoku-cho Shrine precincts in 1963 to convey omen that became famous spot of cherry tree in history.

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  • The flowering time /5 moon beginning (there is light up at the time of flowering)
  • There is parking lot /
  • There is restroom /

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It is lighted up Mt. Shintoku night
Cherry tree of Shintoku mountain god company
Cherry tree of Shintoku mountain god company
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