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Osanpo cafe / Ako pet hotel

●Osanpo cafe
  “Butadon” uses homemade sauce. Fermented soybean paste of miso soup also uses one made of the own house. The “Outigohan” is daily. That includes local vegetables. That's all homemade.
“Cheese Hamburger in Curry and rice” is popular. We offer cake set, draft beer and others.
●Ako pet hotel
 Cage of usual use, Blanket, It can be brought in. It's possible to make them stroll through a dog. (You have a request.) I'm sleeping together at a hotel in the evening.
※It is the registration number Hokkaido 121020137th limited H .30.6.23 / Animal handling person in charge Masako Okamoto

Basic information

Osanpo cafe
  • Business hours /10:00 - 20:00
  • Regular holiday / Wednesday

Ako pet hotel
  • Check-in 9:00 check-out 20:00


    Address / Shintoku-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido high street 1-17-5

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    Walk cafe
    Walk cafe
    Walk cafe
    Walk cafe
    Walk cafe
    Walk cafe
    Walk cafe



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