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Yorkshire Farm (yokushafamu)

It is sheep ranch of 10Ha along river.
There are pension and restaurant made with small brick in farm and can enjoy fuamusutei leisurely. 
It can overlook sheep put out to pasture from restaurant and, shubo giya dyeing with vegetable dyes, can experience spinning yarn to be able to make original woolen yarn that we use woolen spinning frame or the making of porch of soft and fluffy felt.

Breeding of sheep experience

  • Cut hair; until experience-based April (Golden Week) - end of June
  • Until dyeing with vegetable dyes from May to October
  • All require reservation

Other menus

  • Spinning yarn
  • Felt make (three hours course /6 time course)
  • The making of stained glass (we move to cafe BE wild of a 10-minute walk)


Address / 115-7, Shintoku-kisen, Shintoku-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Email /eiichi@york.co.jp  Website

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YORKSHIRE FARM (yokushafamu)
YORKSHIRE FARM (yokushafamu)
YORKSHIRE FARM (yokushafamu)
YORKSHIRE FARM (yokushafamu)
YORKSHIRE FARM (yokushafamu)
YORKSHIRE FARM (yokushafamu)


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