In the middle of Hokkaido. Shintoku is nestled between the beautiful and majestic mountains of the Eastern Taisetsu Mountains and the Hidaka Mountains. Shintoku is a town of four wonderful seasons, seasonal foods, hot springs, horseback riding, rafting, and other fun activities that take full advantage of nature and time. Shintoku has excellent access to all parts of Hokkaido, and all limited express trains stop at JR Shintoku Station.


①JR Shintoku Station
ADDHondori-Kita 1-chome, Shintoku
②Hokkaido Takushoku Bus
ADD77 Takutetsu, Shintoku
(Shintoku Sales Office)
③Shintoku Hired Car Co.
ADD46, Hondori-Kita 1-chome, Shintoku
④Cosmo Oil(Nikko Sangyo)
ADD2, Sakae-cho, Shintoku
BHWeekdays & Sat. : 7:00 - 19:00
Sun. & holidays: 8:00 - 18:30
ADD123 Minami 3-chome, 5-jo, Shintoku
BHMon. ~ Sat. : 7:00-19:00
Sun. : 8:00-18:00
⑥Hokuren(JA Shintoku)
ADD2, minami 4-chome, 5-jo, Shintoku
BHWeekdays: 7:30 - 19:00
Sun. & holidays: 8:00 - 18:00


In the middle of Hokkaido. Shintoku is nestled between the beautiful and majestic mountains of the Eastern Taisetsu Mountains and the Hidaka Mountains.
Would you like to live in a town with wonderful seasonal scenery, seasonal foods, hot springs, horseback riding, rafting, and other fun activities that make the most of nature and time?
Shintoku offers various immigration promotion programs such as regional migration experience, agricultural experience, and regional development cooperatives.
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The "Hometown (Furusato) tax donation program" allows you to donate to your hometown, favorite town, or municipality that you wish to support.
Donations in excess of 2,000 yen can be deducted from your income and inhabitant taxes. Donations can be designated at the time of application, and you will be rewarded with local specialties and other attractive gifts.
As a token of our appreciation, Shintoku will send local specialties to those who donate.

Please click here to apply for Furusato tax donation program to Shintoku

Soba from Shintoku

Located at the foot of the Eastern Taisetsu and Hidaka Mountains, Shintoku has a large difference in temperature between morning and evening, and the soba grown in this severe environment is highly aromatic and flavorful.
Soba from Shintoku , which boasts the highest quality in Japan, is very popular among taxpayers.
The powerful Shintoku soba that helped pioneer Shintoku is still loved by many.
There are many varieties! We also recommend them as gifts.

Venison, beef, Shintoku Jidori chicken

Shintoku is located at the foot of the mountains, where fresh, high-quality venison is readily available. The delicious venison, which has little odor and peculiar smell of deer, is a popular return gift for many repeat customers. We hope you will enjoy the delicious meat unique to Shintoku , such as Jersey beef, which is very rare even in Hokkaido, a thriving livestock farming area, and Shintoku Jidori chicken, a "miracle chicken" raised using buckwheat hulls as flooring material.

Cheese & swallowed yogurt

We also offer a variety of cheeses and yogurts made from fresh, delicious milk from cows raised in the great outdoors.
The cheeses made in the town's cheese factory are all of great taste. Dried fish using the whey from the production process is also popular. The swallowed yogurt is rich and thick and brings smiles to the faces of adults and children alike.

Hot Springs & Leisure

Blessed with mountains, lakes, rivers, and rich nature, Shintoku boasts water recreation such as rafting, a highland golf course, and abundant hot springs! Furusato tax donation program a variety of experience tickets for leisure activities and accommodation coupons for hot springs and resorts.


Today, most of the power generation in the Tokachi region is hydroelectric power generation using the Tokachi River system.
The first full-scale power plant to be constructed in Tokachi was the Iwamatsu Power Plant in Shintoku.
The Iwamatsu Power Station was the first power station in Hokkaido to be built by Nippon Hatsuden, which was established in 1939 during the war to control the supply and demand of electric power in Japan.
It contributed greatly to the development of industry and culture in the East Hokkaido region.
The construction work also brought vitality to the town of Iwamatsu, as employee dormitories and restaurants sprang up in the rural area, and Sintoku took a major step forward as a town with a power supply.
In the postwar period, demand for electric power increased dramatically, and development of power sources was initiated in the upper reaches of the Tokachi River as well.
This had a significant impact on the development of the Tomuraushi area.
Today, Tomuraushi has grown into a power supply town with seven hydroelectric power plants.

Knowledge of hydropower generation
Location map of dams and hydroelectric power plants in the town

Tomimura Dam and Tomimura Power Station
Tokachi Dam and Tokachi Power Plant
Iwamatsu Dam and New Iwamatsu Power Plant
Kuttari Dam, Kuttari Power Plant,
Kamiiwamatsu Dam and Kamiiwamatsu Power Plant
Sahoro Dam
Sahoro Dam card distribution
Distribution location1Shikaoi Branch Office, Hokkaido Tokachi General Promotion Bureau
(9:00~12:00 & 13:00~17:00)
Distribution location2Shintoku Civic Center Administrator's Office
Sat. Sun. and holidays(9:00~20:00)
Contact informationShikaoi Branch Office, Hokkaido Regional Promotion Bureau  
54 Minami 1-chome,Shikaoi , Kato-gun, Hokkaido