Cherry Blossoms are illuminated

The nighttime cherry blossoms at Shintoku Shrine are lit up in time with the blooming of the cherry trees around late April to early May each year. The Ezo-yamazakura cherry trees float fantastically.

②Shintoku New Soba Festival

Held on the last Sunday of September, visitors can enjoy soba freshly kneaded and prepared using freshly harvested and milled buckwheat. Please enjoy the best soba in Japan, which is the pride of Shintoku.

③Umaiisho Shintoku
Taisetsu Festival

Held annually around the first Sunday in October, visitors can fully enjoy the autumn flavors of Shintoku, including all-you-can-stuffed produce and grilled meat.


①Soba Road

Along Route 38, which connects the Karikachi Pass to downtown Shintoku, there are buckwheat fields, and from mid-July to mid-August, the buckwheat flowers turn the fields white.

② Cherry blossom trees in the
 Karikachi Heights Garden

The approximately 400 cherry trees, which have endured more than 70 years since they were planted and have become old trees, are still in full bloom in mid-May.

③Cherry blossoms at the
 North Shintoku Cemetery

Estimated to be about 100 years old and 13.8 meters high, it is the largest cherry tree in Shintoku. It has been selected as one of the 100 best trees in Tokachi.


The sight of approximately 2,300 cherry trees all blooming at once is spectacular.
The area is illuminated during the blooming season in early May, attracting many visitors from within and outside the town.

⑤Lake Sahoro

An artificial lake formed by the Sahoro Dam. Surrounded by forest, visitors can enjoy the peaceful scenery.

⑥Lake Kuttari

A dammed lake on the Tokachi River. Lake Kuttari is symbolized by a cliff called Ganke (cliff), which was once called Kamuiroki (seat of God) in Ainu language.

⑦Lake Higashi-Taisetsu

This artificial lake was formed by the construction of the Tokachi Dam. In the center of the lake, there is a bridge called Higashi-Taisetsu Bridge, which leads to Tomuraushi Onsen (hot spring).

⑧Karikachi Pass

Karikachi Pass is the border between Ishikari and Tokachi. It was selected as one of the "New Eight Views of Japan" in 1927. From the observatory at an elevation of 644 meters, you can see the entire Tokachi Plain.

⑨Karikachi Poppo Trail

The path was developed on the site of the old Karikachi Line railroad. In addition to walking, cycling, and horseback riding, it is also a popular course for "Karikachi Trail Running".


It is a great photo spot for railroad enthusiasts who can see express trains running around the curves of the Nemuro Main Line spread out below.

⑪Kasumi Waterfalls

Cool waterfalls trickle down the rock surface. It does not freeze in winter, so you can enjoy trekking with snowshoes.

⑫Hiou Waterfalls

A waterfall with a dynamic sound of water near the trailhead of Mt.Tokachi.


A mountain observatory with a view of Mt. Tomuraushi, and you can enjoy the panoramic mountain view of Mt.Taisetsu.

⑭Kozasagawa Bridge

A brick arch bridge existing in the middle of the Karikachi Poppo Trail. It is 7m high.