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The 48th Umaissyo "Shintoku" Taisetsu Festival

~A food festival where you can enjoy high-quality local food from the Shintoku.

    D a t e    
 October 1 (Sun.), 2023 10:00~14:00
 ※Rain or shine (content and time may be subject to change in case of inclement weather)
 Kuttari Sports Park (Kuttari Asahi-machi Higashi 2-chome, Shintoku)
 ※Free round-trip bus service is available from Shintoku Community Center
  Departure from Shintoku Community Center 9:30
  Departure Kuttari Sports Park 14:15

Upcoming Events

  • All-you-can-stuff farm produce
    Carrots, potatoes, pumpkins 3 kinds
  • Friendship City "Higashine City, Yamagata Prefecture" Fruits for Sale
    Apples, peaches, and Shine Muscat
  • Light Truck Market
    Fresh and Delicious Vegetables from Shintoku at Low Prices
  • Children's Square
    Air Nine Goal Basket
  • Yakiniku Corner
    Charcoal and stove rental free of charge (*only for those who purchase meat at the venue)
  • Lottery
    Children's Lottery (13:00-),
    Fun Lottery (13:30-)

On-Stage Events

  • Venue Performance 11:00~11:30
    ・Akira Iwasa WITH♪super session
  • Live 11:30~12:30
    ・GIee Ken Band
    ・Chuck Wagon


Taisetsu Festival Executive Committee
(Shintoku Tourist Association)
TEL: 0156-64-0522

This autumn harvest festival is usually held in early October.
All-you-can-stuff-yourself with fresh and delicious local vegetables, and immediate sales of fruits from our sister city, Higashine City in Yamagata Prefecture.
Yaki-niku (grilled meat) under the blue sky, Shintoku's specialty "Shintoku soba" and shiitake mushrooms can also be enjoyed at the food stalls.
Live music will be performed on stage, and there will also be a raffle with gorgeous prizes to be won!
From adults to children, everyone can enjoy this event with a smile.