① Mt. Tomuraushi

The vast flower fields, lakes, marshes, and other natural wonders have been left undisturbed, allowing visitors to fully appreciate the grandeur of the Taisetsuzan mountain range.


The summer mountain is a safe course that can be climbed even by beginners. In addition to seeing a variety of wild plants, the vast Tokachi Plain can be viewed.

③Mt. Odasshu

Even first-time climbers can fully enjoy "mountain climbing" in this mountain. In the fall, mountain grapes and other delicacies can be enjoyed.


From the top, you can see not only the main peaks of Taisetsu, but also the Ashibetsu and Hidaka mountain ranges.

⑤Nupun Numa no Hara trailhead
Nupun Tomuraushi Hot Spring

A wild hot spring located in the uppermost reaches of the Tokachigawa River. Due to the collapse of a forest road and typhoons, it is currently unusable and has become a "phantom hot spring".


Enjoy the four seasons of each unique mountain.
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①Tomuraushi Campground

This campground is located in the Tomraushi district. Nearby is the Tomraushi Hot Spring.

②Lake Sahoro Campground

A plaza on the shore of Lake Sahoro. It is a space where you can relax and enjoy camping.

③Karikachi Heights Campground

The campground is located adjacent to the Shintoku General Gymnasium (Sahoro Arena).

④Tokachi Dam Campground

A small but fully grassed campground. It is unique in that it is located at the foot of the dam's outlet.

⑤Kuttari Hot Spring
Lake Inn Campground

A quiet campground with Lake Kuttari right in front of you. Hot spring baths and lake activities are also available.


① TAC Tokachi Adventure Club

Rafting and river kayaking are available, and airboarding and snowshoe downhill skiing are available in winter.

ADD539-21,Kuttari, Shintoku
②Tokachi Outdoor Mates(TOM)

There is a rich menu of activities such as rafting, Canadian canoeing, mountain stream fishing, and in winter, wakasagi (Japanese smelt) fishing at Lake Sahoro!

ADD240,Kuttari Kisen, Shintoku
③Organic Surf

You can enjoy a relaxing sap (Stand Up Paddle Board) at Lake Sahoro. It is also recommended for shaping up and relaxation.

ADD84-6, Kamisahoro Kisen, Shintoku


①Village 432

Horseback riding hiking trails are popular with small children and beginners. Fruit picking and pottery classes are also available.

ADD98, Kita-Shintoku, Shintoku
②Western Village Sahoro

Horse trekking can be enjoyed. Horse trekking through forests, streams, and sometimes over snow provides a taste of Hokkaido's wilderness.

ADD651,Niinai Shintoku


Hands-on Soba making experience

①Shintoku Soba-no-Yakata

Expert instructors will carefully guide you through the basics. Each person can hand-roll 500g for tasting and souvenir.

ADD102,Shintoku Kisen

Hands-on Harvesting Experience

②Kaneda Berry Garden

Berries are grown with home-made organic fertilizers to produce delicious berries, and berry picking is available from the end of June to mid-August.

ADD58,Kuttari Nishi 1-sen,Shintoku

Hands-on Harvesting Experience

③Hira Farm

We offer rural homestay and agricultural experience. Would you like to experience the warmth of nature and people in the land of Tokachi?

ADD43, Kuttari Higashi 2-sen, Shintoku

Hands-on Dairy Experience

④Yuumu Farm

The farm is home to approximately 900 dairy cows. Visitors can experience suckling calves, milking, and making butter and ice cream.

ADD108-4, Kamisahoro Kisen, Shintoku

Farm Experience

⑤ Kyodo-gakusha Shintoku Farm

Visitors can also experience cheese and butter making, horseback riding, and horse pulling. (Reservations required)

ADD9-1 Shintoku, Shintoku

Hands-on Craft Making Experience

⑥Shintoku Town Ceramics Center

Please enjoy the ceramics in a peaceful atmosphere. In addition to purchasing ceramics, visitors can try their hand at hand-binning and painting. Please inquire for details.

ADDKuttari Midorimachi 1-chome, Shintoku

Hands-on Craft Making Experience

⑦BE Wild

A coffee shop in a log house with a red roof along Route 38. You can experience stained glass.

ADD103,Shintoku Kisen, Shintoku

Hands-on Craft Making Experience

⑧Yorkshire Farm

Visitors can experience dyeing with plants and trees, spinning yarn using a wool spinning machine, and making fluffy felt pouches.

ADD115-7, Shintoku Kisen, Shintoku


Bear Mountain

①Bear Mountain

This is a spot where brown bears, the largest species found only in Hokkaido, can be observed in their natural state.

Open periodLate April - Late October
Open hours9:00 - 16:00
(last admission 15:20)


②Tokachi Sahoro Resort
 Sahoro Country Club

The wind direction on the plateau and the exquisite undulations with natural forests. Please enjoy playing while feeling the nature.

Open periodLate April -
Early November
Open hours8:00 - Sunset


③Shintoku Sports Park
 Park-golf course

It is a place of recreation and relaxation for town residents with an athletic field for baseball, tennis, etc., and a barbecue house. Course use and rentals (at the town's gymnasium) are free of charge.

Open periodLate April -
Early November
Open hoursSunrise to Sunset


④Sahoro Riverside
 Park-Golf Course

With 36 holes along the Sahoro River, it is a popular course that attracts people from all over Hokkaido.

Open periodLate April - Early November
Open hours8:30~18:30


⑤Kuttari Sports Park
 Park-Golf Course

Kuttari Park is lush and spacious. The grass is very beautiful.

Open period
Open hours9:00~16:00


⑥Kuttari Lakeside
 Park-Golf Course

Lake Kuttari, rich in nature, is also located on this course, allowing visitors to enjoy the spectacular scenery while touring.

Open periodLate April - November 3
Open hours8:30~17:00


⑦Shintoku General

Shintoku Town General Gymnasium is available for various indoor sports. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, including individual practice, club activities, and sports camps.

Usage feeAdults 500 yen
Usage time9:00~21:00

Railroad Experience

⑧Karikachi Heights
 Eco Trokko Railway

The 800-meter course is well maintained and offers a varied course with railroad crossings and tunnels.

Open periodMay-October
Open hours9:30~16:30

Skiing & Snowboarding

⑨Tokachi Sahoro Resort
 Sahoro Resort Ski Area

You can ski the finest powder snow while enjoying the magnificent view of the Tokachi Plain.

Open periodDecember to the following April (scheduled)
Open hours8:30~17:00

Skiing & Snowboarding

⑩Mt.Shintoku Ski Area

7-minute walk from JR Shintoku Station, this is a family slope that can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced skiers alike. The view of the Taisetsuzan mountain range is exceptional.

Open periodPlease contact us
Open hoursholidays: 9:30~16:00
Weekdays: 10:00~16:00

Smelt Fishing

⑪ Smelt fishing on
 frozen Lake Sahoro

Fishing and eating beautiful wakasagi under the ice. It is truly a "winter tradition. For a fee, you can enjoy wakasagi fishing while keeping warm in a special tent.

Open period
Open hours


nicoro trek

We offer private tours with programs of outdoor menus such as mountain climbing, trekking, rafting, and other outdoor activities grounded in Shinde's nature, created and supported according to the wishes of our customers.

Open periodPlease contact us
Open hours


⑬Shintoku Shrine

The shrine is located at the foot of Mt.Shintoku.
The shrine offers seasonal views: cherry blossoms in spring, deep green in summer, autumn leaves in fall, and snow in winter.

Open periodyear round
Open hours



It is a small mountain with an elevation of 455.5 m. It has shrine grounds, and visitors can stroll along the approach (New-Shikoku 88-kasho) where about 200 stone Buddhas are enshrined. The view is spectacular during the cherry blossom season.

Open periodyear round
Open hours