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Mt. Odasshu

The green mountains visible from the town are soothing.
This is a mountain where even first-timers can fully experience "mountain climbing". At the summit, you can see the surrounding mountains, the Tokachi Plain, and the town of Shintoku, giving you a pleasant sense of accomplishment. In autumn, mountain grapes and other delicacies can be enjoyed. It is a familiar mountain for residents of Shintoku Town.

Mt. Odasshu
Altitude 1,097m
Cordillera Hidaka Mountain Range
Trailhead (leading up a mountain) Shintoku Station → Mt. Odasshu trailhead : 20 min. by car
Parking About 30 cars

No toilet

【Stores selling portable toilets in Shintoku Town】
Tomuraushi mountain shortening trailhead sales box, Higashi-TaisetsuSo Tomuraushi Hot Springs, Seven-Eleven, Okamoto Sports, Shintoku Stella Station in JR Shintoku Station.

Contact Information

nicoro trek Satoshi Maeda

  • Phone number: 070-9157-8818
    (*Please note that the phone may be out of range and cannot be connected while entering the mountain.)
  • Mail :
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Mt. Odasshu Climbing Overview

Vehicle access to the trailhead is allowed. Parking spaces are available before the highway.
The climb takes about 2 hours.
The trail will be mowed in mid to late July.