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Smelt fishing on frozen Lake Sahoro

With the termination of the town's fishing rights, the rules regarding fishing will be changed from January 2024.

Location Lake Sahoro, Niinai, Shintoku
Access It takes about 20 minutes by car from downtown Shintoku. Please check in advance as the road may be partially closed in winter due to snow and other factors.
Open period No time period is set, so from January, it is at your own discretion.
Fee free
  • Be sure to take your trash home with you.
  • The lake side of the parking lot is a "no-vehicle zone," so please do not drive into the area.
  • Please note that the area from the dam embankment upstream to the driftwood stop facility is a "no trespassing area.

    【No Trespassing Area】

  • Patrols will be conducted several times a day for safety awareness, but we cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur.
  • Snowmobiles and other vehicles are prohibited. (except for fishing area caretakers).
  • Parking on the street is strictly prohibited.
  • Temporary toilets will be set up in the Lake Sahoro parking lot for your use. (from 1/6 to 3/6)
Contact information  Tourism Promotion Section, Industry Division, Shintoku Town Hall (0156-64-0522)