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Nupun Numa no Hara trailhead・Nupun Tomuraushi Hot Spring

The Nupuntomurausi hot spring is a wild spring located in the uppermost reaches of the Tokachigawa River area, and a high-temperature fountainhead gushes out from a fountain tower on the mountain surface. However, the roadblock due to a forest road collapse has continued since 2013, and the changing room and open-air bath that were maintained in 1992 cannot be used because the tub was buried due to typhoon damage in 2016. It is now a "phantom hot spring".

Nupung Numenohara Trailhead Overview

The Nupun Numa-no-hara trailhead (Nupun Tomurausi Hot Springs) is impassable from Akebonobashi due to the collapse of the forest road.
There is no access by motorcycle or on foot. (There is no indication of when the forest road will be restored).

【From the Kuchanbetsu trailhead】
The old trail from the swamp field to the hot spring was opened in 2020, but it has not been used much and is now a route for advanced climbers with thick bamboo thickets.
【Nupun Hut】
As of July 2023, the ground is being scoured by the river and may collapse in the future. Toilets are not available.