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Notice of Road Closure

As of June 20, 2023,
Due to the discovery of dangerous spots on the piers of Tonokari Bridge, the bridge is closed from the entrance right next to Akebonobashi Bridge, from the signboard for the Hiou Waterfalls. Please note that you cannot go to Tokachi-dake and the Hiou Waterfalls.

Mt.Tokachi is the main peak of the Tokachi Mountain range and is one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan. The mountain has a beautiful landscape reminiscent of a Japanese garden, with many famous spots such as the Hiou Waterfall and Ichijo Waterfall, rock towers, and lush greenery. The view from the top of the mountain is not only of the main peak of Taisetsu, but also of the Ashibetsu Mountains and the Hidaka Mountains. An active volcano with a volcanic pit, it is a magnificent mountain where you can feel the breath of the earth.

Altitude 2,077m
Cordillera Tokachi Mountain Range (Ishikari Mountains)
Trailhead (leading up a mountain) Shintoku Station→Tokachidake Observatory parking lot: about 2 hours by car
Parking about 4 cars


【Stores selling portable toilets in Shintoku Town】
Tomuraushi mountain shortening trailhead sales box, Tomuraushi Onsen Higashi-Taisetsu-So, Seven-Eleven, Okamoto Sports, Shintoku Stella Station in JR Shintoku Station.

Contact Information 

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    (*Please note that the phone may be out of range and cannot be connected while entering the mountain.)
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Mt.Tokachi Climbing Overview

It is usually possible to reach the trailhead by vehicle from the Shintoku side in late June.
The only route to the trailhead is via the Octocachi Forest Road, which is a right turn from the Tonokari Bridge.
SheeTokachi Forest Road is closed 1.2 km from Tonokari Bridge due to a forest road collapse, so the trailhead cannot be reached.
Please park neatly (diagonally) because the parking space at the trailhead is narrow.