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Mt.Sahoro is located in the northernmost part of the Hidaka Mountains, on the border between the towns of Shintoku and Minami Furano.
"Sahoro" is from the Ainu word "saoroopetsu" meaning "lower river".
At the top is Charanke Iwa (Danban Iwa), which is associated with the legends of the Tokachi Ainu and Ishikari Ainu.
The summer mountain is safe for beginners.
In addition to seeing wild vegetables such as bamboo shoots and mountain udo, you can also enjoy a view of the vast Tokachi Plain.
When the weather is fine, you can even see Akan Fuji. In winter, the Sahoro Resort ski resort is a popular destination for international skiers and snowboarders.

Altitude 1,095.5m
Cordillera Hidaka Mountains
Trailhead (leading up a mountain) Shintoku Station → Karikachi Pass trailhead : about 20 min. by car
Shintoku Station → Ski trailhead : about 15 min. by car
Parking  about 60 cars

Yes (trailhead)

【Stores selling portable toilets in Shintoku Town】
Tomuraushi mountain shortening trailhead sales box, Higashi-TaisetsuSo Tomuraushi Hot Springs, Seven-Eleven, Okamoto Sports, Shintoku Stella Station in JR Shintoku Station.

Contact Information 

nicoro trek Satoshi Maeda

  • Phone number: 070-9157-8818
    (*Please note that the phone may be out of range and cannot be connected while entering the mountain.)
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Mt.Sahoro Climbing Overview

The trailhead is at the Karikachi Pass on National Route 38.
The elevation gain is 415.5m, and the trail is a ridge walk, crossing a peak called "Sakurayama" in the middle (about 90 minutes),
The remaining time required is less than 1 hour, about 2 hours 20 minutes mountain.
There is a shelter at the summit, available without reservation.
There are no toilets at the summit, so bring a portable toilet if you plan to stay the night.
The trails are mowed in mid-June.