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Mt. Tomuraushi

Mount Tomuraushi, which rises in the center of Hokkaido, has long been revered and called "Kamuimintara - the garden where the gods play".
Tomuraushi, which still retains its pristine wilderness, is also known as the "backcountry of heavy snow" and offers breathtakingly beautiful scenery. The vast fields of colorful flowers and beautiful lakes and marshes that reflect the sky have been likened to a "heavenly paradise," and the lava plateau "rock garden" near the summit is home to many Japanese pika. Selected as one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, it is one of the most famous mountains in Hokkaido.

Mt. Tomuraushi

Altitude 2,141m
Cordillera Taisetsuzan mountain range
Trailhead (leading up a mountain) Shintoku station→hot spring trailhead (Higashi-TaisetsuSo Tomuraushi Hot Springs): About 60 minutes by car
hot spring trailhead→shortened trailhead: About 20 minutes by car
Parking Hot spring trailhead: about 15 cars
Shortened trailhead: about 80 cars
  • Hot spring trailhead and shortened trailhead: Toilets available
  • Designated Minami-numa campground: portable toilet booths available

Bring your own portable toilet.
There is a portable toilet collection box at the trailhead.

【Stores selling portable toilets in Shintoku Town】
Tomuraushi mountain shortening trailhead sales box, Higashi-TaisetsuSo Tomuraushi Hot Springs, Seven-Eleven, Okamoto Sports, Shintoku Stella Station in JR Shintoku Station.

Contact Information

nicoro trek Satoshi Maeda

  • Phone number: 070-9157-8818
    (*Please note that the phone may be out of range and cannot be connected while entering the mountain.)
  • Mail:
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【Caution】 Taisetsuzan Grade

The Tomuraushi Hot Springs route is Grade 4-5, and the traverse route is Grade 5, making it a very demanding mountain. Hokkaido's 2,000-meter peaks are comparable to the 3,000-meter peaks of Honshu.
Even in July, snow remains and nighttime temperatures can drop below freezing. Brown bears can also be seen in the area, so be careful.
Please make careful preparations and plans for climbing the mountain, including proper equipment, water and food, and submitting a mountaineering report.

Mt.tomuraushi Climbing Overview (general summer mountaineering)

Tomuraushi is 2,141 meters above sea level.
The regular route from Tomuraushi Hot Springs is 12.0 km.
The shortened trailhead is 9.2 km. It is a mountain that is deep anyway, with a trail that repeatedly ups and downs.

Depending on your fitness level, you should expect 6 hours uphill and 5 hours downhill.
To give yourself more time, you should start climbing at around 4:00 am when it is light.
If it takes more than 6 hours to climb up, it will also take more than 6 hours to descend.
(Some people started climbing at 4:00 am, climbed for 7 hours → 1 hour rest → 8 hours for descent, and descended at 20:00 pm. Those who take 7 hours to climb have used up all their energy on the ascent.)

Be sure to bring a headlamp. After sunset, it will be pitch black and you will not be able to take a single step.

A snow ravine will remain in Komadori stream and Tomuraushi Park until late July.
Since there are no footprints left on the snow ravine, extreme caution is required when visibility is poor.
When the weather is clear, you can see the trail beyond the snow line, but when it is gassy, you will not be able to see the trail.
Be aware that until early July, there are large snow banks remaining.
Particular attention should be paid at the turnoff to Komadori stream, the ascent and descent of Tomuraushi Park, and the descent of Kamuisankenai stream.
(90% of those who get lost are in these three places.)

Accommodations near Mt. Tomraushi and transportation

Higashi-TaisetsuSo Tomuraushi Hot Springs is located next to the Tomuraushi Hot Springs trailhead and is quite crowded in the summer, so reservations should be made as soon as possible.
Also, Higashi-TaisetsuSo Tomuraushi Hot Springs to the shortened trailhead is about 8 km, but there is no shuttle service and no cab service, so you will need your own car or rental car.

Tomuraushi Onsen Higashi-Taisetsuso 19 km before Tomura Yama-no-Koryukan, 14 km from Shintoku Station Yuyado Kuttari Onsen Lake Inn or staying at a ryokan near Shintoku station would be another option.

■Hokkaido Takushoku Bus
Operates between Shintoku Station and Tomuraushi Hot Springs during a certain period from late July every year.
*Reservations required. For details, please check the Takushoku Bus website "Tomuraushi Hot Springs Line Information".
TEL: 0155-31-8811
Official website:

■Shintoku Hired Car Co.
Phone number: 0156-64-5155

Mt. Tomraushi Map

Tomraushi mountaineering map is now on sale.
Price: 300 yen (including tax)

This guide is complete with information on mountain attractions, accommodations, and portable toilets. The map is waterproof and easy to read, even in the rain, and has large, easy-to-read text.
Includes postcards showing the beautiful scenery of Mt. tomuraushi(Choose from three types: brown bears, alpine flora, or the Tokachi Mountain Range in winter)

This map is for reference purposes only.
*We are not responsible for any accidents while climbing.

≪Selling Stores≫
Shintoku Stellar Station, Tomura Yama-no-Koryukan, Higashi-TaisetsuSo Tomuraushi Hot Springs, Yuyado Kuttari Onsen Lake Inn