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It is a famous cherry blossom viewing spot that hosts the Shintoku Shrine. The sight of approximately 2,300 cherry trees all blooming at once is magnificent.
In early May, when the cherry trees are in bloom, they are lit up and many people from inside and outside the town come to see them.
The beautiful hanachouzu (hand-watering basin) with floating seasonal flowers is also popular, and in winter, the town is a popular ski resort.
There is an approach to the "Shin Shikoku 88 Places" where about 200 stone Buddhas are enshrined. You can see ezo-engosaku, sankayo, and other plants, and you can get in touch with nature as you stroll along the path.
This is a mountain where you can enjoy hiking with your children.

Shintoku Yama
 Altitude 455m
 Trailhead (leading up a mountain) 3 minutes drive from Shintoku Station
 Parking about 20 cars
 Toilet Yes (near the first observatory and shrine)