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Soba Road

Shintoku is known as one of the leading soba production areas in Japan.
Soba fields stretch about 1.5 kilometers along National Route 38, which connects the Karikachi Pass to downtown Shintoku, and are nicknamed "Soba Road".
From mid-July to mid-August, the white flowers of Kitawase buckwheat, Hokkaido's representative species, bloom, turning the entire field white.
The scenery of clear blue Tokachi skies and pretty buckwheat flowers is beautiful and a great photo spot.
When the flowers are at their best, tourists with cameras in hand get out of their cars and enjoy the scenery.
There are many restaurants along the road, including "Soba-no-Yakata" where you can enjoy "Shintoku Soba" and "Yorkshire Farm" where you can eat while watching grazing sheep.

Flowering Season Mid-July to mid-August
Parking  no
Toilet no
Neighborhood Facilities