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The 20th Shintoku New Soba Festival

 D a t e 
 September 24(Sun.),2023
  【Soba Chaya】10:00~13:30
  【Handmade Soba Stall】11:00~13:30
 Parking lot in front of the "Nagomi" Shintoku Health and Welfare Center

This year, the festival will return to its normal schedule and hold the "20th Shintoku New Soba Festival.
There will be a "handmade soba stall village" (limited to 7,000 servings) where visitors can enjoy soba freshly kneaded and prepared using freshly harvested and milled buckwheat, and "Soba Chaya" offering soba-based menus and other shops.
* The number of soba served is very small this year compared to previous years. Please understand that we may sell out early.

Shop Informations

Handmade Soba Stall Village

ShopRecommended Menu
Shintoku Soba-no-Yakataspicy grated radish soba
Soba no Hiroshisoba with lily bulb tempura
Minatoya Soba Restaurantsoba with Large shrimp tempura (limited quantity)
Shintoku Teuchi Soba Enthusiasts Associationhot soba with chicken
Shintoku Soba Clubsoba with chicken
Soba Shotensoba with maitake tempura

Soba Chaya and other shop

  Shops Menu
Soba Chaya Crepe Tomo no Kai soba crepe 
Sato Farm soba inari, fried shiitake mushrooms, rice with mushrooms, vegetables, etc
Shintoku Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Women's Club soba inari , skewered dumplings, rice balls
Soba Shops Shintoku Bussan New Soba Shintoku Soba, Half-natural Shintoku Soba, Shintoku Hachiwari Soba, etc.
Setouchi Shoji Shop Dried soba, semi-dried soba, buckwheat flour
Hara Farm Dried noodles, processed buckwheat products
Farm in Wakahara Botan Soba, Wakahara Soba, Soup
Other Shops Welfare Association Wakafuji Ryo bread
Koyanagi Foods French fries, American dog, octopus balls, etc.
Shintoku Shiitake Mushroom Production Association Tempura shiitake mushrooms, fresh shiitake mushrooms, dried shiitake mushrooms
Shintoku Ceramics Center ceramics
Shintoku Japan Agricultural Cooperatives  fried chicken
Tokachi, Shintoku Jidori Honpo Charcoal-grilled Shintoku chicken, pizza
Dream Hill Tomuraushi Ezo Deer Jumbo Sausage, TOMCAN
Higashine City, Yamagata(Friendship City) apple, konnyaku ball
Hirakawa Beverages, beer, candy
Hokkoh Farm Soft serve ice cream, shakes
Miura Draft beer, beverages, fried chicken, fried rice

Notes for the day

  • About Events
    There will be no stage events, children's plaza, footbaths, etc. due to the festival's reduced scale.
  • Parking
    ・Parking is not allowed in the vicinity of the venue. Parking will be available in the town.
    ・Please follow the instructions of the signboards and security guards when entering the parking lot.
    ・Shuttle buses will run from the temporary parking lot of Shintoku Senior High School to the venue. (about a 15-minute walk from each parking lot).
  • About the Shuttle Bus from Kuttari
    Shuttle buses will operate between Kuttari General Hall and Health and Welfare Center Nagomi.
    《Departure Kuttari General Hall》 
    《Departure from Health and Welfare Center Nagomi》 
  • About Pets
    ・Pets are not allowed to enter the venue. (Pets in carriages are also not allowed.)
  • About Drones
    Please refrain from flying small unmanned aircraft (drones) within the venue as they may cause harm to other visitors.
  • About Restrooms
    Temporary restrooms will be set up and the restrooms on the first floor of the Shintoku Health and Welfare Center "Nagomi" will be open.

Contact Us

Shintoku New Soba Festival Executive Committee (Shintoku Town Hall Industry Division Tourism Promotion Section)
TEL: 0156-64-0522

The largest festival in Shintoku! The Shintoku New Soba Festival is held on the last Sunday of September!
A record 25,000 people come to enjoy the new soba.
Soba shops and handmade soba organizations proudly displaying their new soba.
We recommend "eating comparison" of new soba , which you can enjoy only at the festival.
Each shop offers delicious new soba with a combination of toppings and dipping sauces that will make each shop's individuality stand out.
The "4-tate soba" (freshly-harvested "toritate", freshly-milled "hikitate", freshly-kneaded "uchitate", and freshly -boiled "yudetate") are exceptional! We hope you will find the soba you like.