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Cherry blossom trees in the Karikachi Heights Park

In 1907, with the opening of the railroad, the view of the Karikachi Pass came into the limelight, and in 1927, it was selected as one of the "Eight New Views of Japan". In 1932, the motorway over the Karikachi Pass was opened to traffic, which was a great joy for the residents of the area at that time. In conjunction with the opening of the motorway, about 400 cherry trees were planted from the old Niinai Station to the Karikachi Pass between 1932 and 1933, mainly by the youth organization of the time. Today, the road has become an old road and the cherry trees intermittently retain their form, but they have endured more than 70 years and are still blooming beautifully even now that they have become old trees.

Flowering Season Mid-May
Parking Yes
Toilet Yes
Neighborhood Facilities